Colorado is a Direct Access state for Physical Therapy. Direct access means a licensed physical therapist can treat you without a referral. Our Physical Therapists all have Doctoral degrees in Physical Therapy, and are comfortable treating without a prescription. They are knowledgeable on differential diagnosis and when to refer patients out in extreme cases when therapy may not be the answer
. Direct Access allows the public to access the traditional medical system and saves healthcare dollars. Earlier intervention often drastically speeds recovery.

Physical Therapists are well qualified to evaluate and recognize patient conditions, signs and symptoms that should be address by other health care professionals. If after an evaluation you need further attention from a specialist we can refer you to a health care professional who specializes in your injury. Our therapist work to communicated with your Physicians and is a routine part of our practice. If at any time during a course of treatment we determine that you are not making progress as expected, we will consult with your Physician.

Most of our patients are referred to us by Physicians, current clients and past clients. If you are currently under the care of a Physician for the problem for which you would like to receive Physical Therapy, you may contact our clinic to obtain an evaluation.

*Some insurance companies require a prescription in order to pay for physical therapy treatment.