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We help you...

Take It To The Next Level

What sets us apart?

At Next Level, we provide world class physical therapy and sports performance that goes above and beyond your expectations. We utilize one hour sessions where you are 1:1 with a therapist or coach the entire time. With a wide variety of treatments and specialties, we have what it takes to take you to the Next Level.

Team Approach

At Next Level, we focus on a team approach to your care and progression. Our physical therapists and sports performance coaches work together seamlessly to ensure a fully integrated game plan for recovery. Ultimately our team approach enhances the outcome for the client.

Our Clients

Whether you are a professional athlete, a police officer trying to get back to work, a high school athlete, or a weekend warrior, Next Level can help you achieve your goals.

Our Facility

In April of 2021, we moved into our new home. Our ceilings and walls are adorned with flags and jerseys from athletes who have overcome injury and/or trained at our facility. With state of the art equipment and a turf field, we have everything it takes to take you to the Next Level.